Aurelius, the Unknown

We know Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor who wrote the beloved Meditations. Meditations was written during the last decade of his life. What do we know about the rest of his life?

  • What did he do with his inheritance?
  • Was he romantically involved with his rhetoric teacher?
  • What did he write about in his nearly 90 letters to Fronto?
  • How did he react when people suggested that he should divorce his wife?
  • What did he do when he learned that Cassius was rebelling against him?
  • What were his instructions to the Assembly when he learned that Christians were being persecuted?
  • Was he as forgiving in his life as he says one should in his Meditations?
  • What were his last words?

Aurelius The Unknown is a collection of anecdotes about Marcus Aurelius, his speeches, his last words and his (romantic?) letters to Fronto. For the first time, Dr Chuck Chakrapani brings together all these little-known details about Marcus Aurelius in a single volume – and in plain English. Includes extensive notes.

This book is a real treat to Marcus Aurelius’ fans. This is the second of the two volumes in the series Marcus Aurelius Complete Works. Don’t miss this!

This is the second of the two volumes in The Complete Works of Marcus Aurelius. Scheduled for publication during the second week of October 2018.

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