How to Be a Stoic When You Don’t Know…

Even though Stoicism has been around for over 2,300 years, practically everything that the early Stoics wrote for the first three hundred years is lost. So, we need to reconstruct Stoicism from secondary writings and from the writings of the later Stoics. It is difficult to know where to begin. A clear guide to Stoicism, even if it is not perfect, is a good place to start. Once we have the basics in place it is easy to build upon them. That’s where this book comes in.
What does this book aim to do?

A clear road map

We may know a lot about Stoicism and yet may not have a clear road map for achieving the Stoic goal of a life that runs smoothly. When we say that we don’t have the time to practice something, it is often the case that we don’t have clarity on how to practice. But if we have a road map, we spend less time in confusion, second guessing ourselves and wondering whether we have made the right decision.
Stoic concepts such as ‘living according to nature’ or ‘practicing wisdom’, etc. may mean different things to different people. What do they really mean in everyday life? How does one practice these precepts?
Without a clear road map, it is easy to lose our way.

A clear action plan

Studying exercise physiology won’t build muscles. You need to act – like going to the gym and lifting weights. Similarly, just reading a lot about Stoicism will not make you happy. You must act. You must practice and build your Stoic muscles.

A preview of the journey
  1. Understand the foundations of Stoicism and the basic principles on which Stoicism rests.
  2. Develop the needed knowledge and skills. Learn how to get the special knowledge we need to live a rational life.
  3. Practice the three disciplines needed to achieve happiness.
  4. Live effectively every day.

Get your copy of How To Be A Stoic When You Don’t Know How today and learn the Stoic principles that will lead you to Unshakable Freedom and Happiness.

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