Stoic Book of Anger 1: Seneca On Anger: Causes and Consequences

The Stoic Book of Anger (in two volumes): Probably the best book ever written on anger.

In these two volumes, Seneca sets out to explain how we may live a life that is totally free of anger.

Stoic book of Anger Volume 1.

In this volume, Seneca sets the stage for an anger-free life. He explores the causes and consequences of anger:

  • Why do we get angry?
  • Do we choose to be angry, or is it thrust upon us by nature?
  • How do we look when we are angry?
  • How do mental habits stoke anger?
  • What can we do about it?
  • Can anger be helpful - ever?

Is it ever possible to get rid of anger entirely from our lives?

This book is a Plain English version of the Stoic philosopher Seneca's On Anger or De Ira. This modern version is authored by Doctor Chuck Chakrapani.

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