Stoic Freedom

The Stoic Gym is pleased to announce the official release of its new book STOIC FREEDOM, Book 4 of Epictetus’ Discourses in Plain English.

Freedom is a favorite theme of Epictetus. He uses the word 600% more than the New Testament. Stoic Freedom contains some of his most vibrant and forceful discourses. In one of his longest discourses, Epictetus explains what human freedom is all about and how to achieve it. Here is the brief table of contents:

  • Stoic Freedom: The basic principles
  • All discourses of Book 4 in full (with summaries)
  • A Note on Arrian, the scribe
  • Table of concordance
  • Free online resources and more.

Available in paperback and online editions from all major online bookstores including Amazon.

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