Stoic Happiness

“If you want to be happy, don’t follow the crowd,” warns Seneca, one of the best exponents of Stoicism.

Seneca was concerned about applying Stoicism to everyday life. How to make Stoicism work for us, so we can live happily, fearlessly, and peacefully?

In this short book addressed to his brother, Seneca addresses the problem of happiness.

  • What are the basics of happiness?
  • What is the path to happiness?
  • How to use pleasure and not be used by it?
  • Why should we ignore criticism and pursue virtue?
  • How to enjoy wealth that comes our way and not be a slave to it?
  • How to understand ourselves?

Stoicism offers a way to happiness and we can have no better guide than Seneca .In this Plain English rendition of Senecca’s classic treatise on happiness, Chuck Chakrapani makes ancient philosophy both current and accessible for modern readers.

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