Stoic Inspirations

This is the fifth and final book of The Complete Works of Epictetus in Plain English. Every fan of Epictetus would like to have this book by their bedside. Apart from an inspirational biography of Epictetus it contains bite-sized pieces of Epictetus teachings.

Stoic Inspirations can be seen as a summary and extension Epictetus thoughts, as presented in the previous four books. This is what the book contains:

A biography of Epictetus. Although Epictetus is probably the most read of the ancient Stoics what do we really know about him? Do we know his name or even whether he was given one? Was he really named? When was he born and when did he die?

Fragments. Epictetus quotes as captured by different people, not all of them for Discourses.

The Golden Sayings. This book by Grossley is a summary extract of Epictetus works similar to Enchiridion, but longer with a devotional slant.

Enchiridion. This is a summary of Epictetus’ teachings compiled by his illustrious student Arrian.

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