Stoic Lessons

This is the complete works of Musonius Rufus (25-95CE), the man who taught Epictetus.

While he was very well-known and respected during his time, he is less widely known now. He was a social activist, a proto-feminist, a vegetarian, and a minimalist.

No topic is too small or too big for him. Here are some of the topics covered in this book:

  • Women and men are equal.
  • Why hardships are of little importance?
  • Why everyone should study philosophy?
  • Where you live or are forced to live is of no importance.
  • Don’t take things personally and be personally insulted.
  • Live “according to nature”
  • Live a virtuous family life.
  • Live a simple life.
  • Children should obey their parents, but not indiscriminately.
  • If you keep practicing virtue, you don’t need anything special in your old age.

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