This is the third book of Epictetus’ Discourses in plain English. Stoics did not believe in just theoretical knowledge but held that it is critical we practice what we learned.

Here are the basic themes of Stoic training explored by Epictetus:

  • Stoic training aims to make you excellent as a human being.
  • Stoic training consists of three disciplines: desire, action, and assent.
  • Stoic training consists only of dealing with one’s choices.
  • Train you mind to want whatever actually happens.
  • Stoic training means to prepare ourselves for the challenges to come.
  • Ascetic training is unnecessary unless it serves some purpose.
  • Train to see things as they are without adding your judgements to them.
  • Your judgements are the sole cause of your distress, because nothing outside of you can harm you.
  • Don’t imitate others without understanding the basis of their actions.
  • Train to be at home wherever you are.
  • Things are impermanent.
  • Your goal is happiness and good fortune.

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