Stoic Tranquility

Seneca on Peace of Mind

This book is a modern rendition of Seneca’s On the Tranquility of Mind (De Tranquillitsate Animi). This a dialogue between Seneca and his friend Serenus. Serenus starts the dialog by saying that although he achieves tranquility of mind from time to time, it does not last. He requests Seneca to tell him how he may achieve tranquility of mind that is stable. In the rest of the book, Seneca outlines specific strategies to achieve tranquility.

  • Why We Are Restless
  • Become Active in Your Profession
  • Be Alive Until You Die
  • Match Your Tasks With Your Ability
  • Be Careful in Choosing a Friend
  • Don’t go After Possessions
  • Avoid Excess
  • Handle Life With Skill
  • Foresee Adversity
  • Avoid Useless Activity
  • Be Prepared for Disappointments
  • Avoid Stubbornness and Indecision
  • Take a Lighter View of Things
  • When Bad Things Happen to Good People
  • Relax, Practice Moderation, and Be Vigilant

Lucius Annaeus Seneca or Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC-AD 65) was a Roman Stoic philosopher and a prolific writer.

This book is the eleventh in the series Stoicism in Plain English published by The Stoic Gym.

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