Unshakable Freedom

How can we achieve total personal freedom when we have so many obligations and so many demands on our time? Is personal freedom even possible?

Yes, it is possible, said the Stoics and gave us a blue print for freedom. The teachings were lost but have been rediscovered in recent times and form the basis of modern cognitive therapy.

In his new book, Unshakable Freedom, Dr. Chuck Chakrapani outlines the Stoic secrets for achieving total freedom, no matter who you are and what obstacles you face in life. Using modern examples, Chuck explores how anyone can achieve personal freedom by practicing a few mind-training techniques.

Here’s what others have to say about the book:

Choose this book

Chuck Chakrapani reveals for modern eyes what the ancient Stoics knew: True freedom comes from choosing wisely. Here’s an aligned piece of advice – choose this book.

Robert Cialdini PhD, Author Influence and Pre-suasion

Fast, interesting, and it works

Chuck Chakrapani brings Stoic philosophy to the world of today, the world in which we live, love, compete, win, lose, but never escape. Our world. The early Stoics and those who succeeded them have much to teach, but it takes a thoughtful writer to give us this wisdom in the way WE NEED TO LEARN. Chuck is one of those writers. Read this book … it’s fast, interesting, but most of all it WORKS.

Dr. Howard Moskowitz, Chief Science Officer, Mind Genomics Advisors

A timely and readable reminder

We live in a time when happiness and autonomy are commonly equated with higher levels of and options for consumption. This little book is a timely and readable reminder that the path to enjoyment and independence lies elsewhere.

Thomas Dunk PhD, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Brock University

[This book] can change your life for good

Unshakable Freedom is a wonderful guide to those who want real freedom and peace in a complex and challenging world. It also vividly portrays many of the leaders and prominent people who have found success by following these principles. It really can change your life for good.

Ashref Hashim, President, The Blackstone Group

For greater productivity, prosperity and inner peace

In Unshakable Freedom, Chuck identifies that the only thing stopping us from being happy is ourselves. The stoic tenets outlined, if followed, will lead to greater productivity, prosperity, and inner peace for the reader. Thanks to Chuck for the inspiration!

Dr. Kara Mitchelmore, CEO, Marketing Research & Intelligence Association

Immediately practical

Chuck Chakrapani has written this wonderful book of timeless, immensely practical messages to help us generate powerful real-world impact and remind us how to stay free and appreciative. Unshakable Freedom provides an immediately practical lesson to gain freedom and personal power.

Sabine Steinbrecher, CEO, The Learning Library

Designed to improve quality of life

Unshakable Freedom is about finding peace of mind. Stoic philosophy is a tool to address daily travails – big and small. The author has proposed techniques designed to lead to freedom, happiness, and a better quality of life. I recommend that you go through the book slowly, absorb, and practice.

Naresh Malhotra, CEO Global, Novatrek

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