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Vol. 3, Issue 1, January 2021

How to be a Stoic When You Don't Know How - Learn the fundamentals of Stoicism in Ten Short Weeks


Learn the fundamentals of Stoicism in ten short weeks.

Unshakable Freedom - How to Be Free No Matter What

Book Review || EDITOR

How can we achieve total personal freedom when we have so many obligations and so many demands on our time? Is personal freedom even possible?

Recent Releases - Be Forever Anger Free!

Book Review || EDITOR

  • Stoic Book of Anger is the plain English version of Seneca’s classic trilogy, On Anger. Seneca’s On Anger is probably one of the best books ever written on the subject. It is a detailed analysis of anger: what causes it, what price we pay for it, and how we can be totally free from it.

Stoicism in Plain English - Ancient Stoic Texts in Modern English

Book Review || EDITOR

Ancient Stoic texts in modern English.