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From Vol. 1, Issue 10, October 2019

From Exeter to Athens: Great moments in modern Stoicism

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2012 The beginning: The Exeter workship

Professor Christopher Gill organizes a workshop at the University of Exeter bringing in academics and professionals. They discuss several options. At the end of the workshop they agree upon three ideas: 

To start Live Like a Stoic for a Week, an online course. 

To start a blog, Stoicism Today

To organize a public event on putting Stoicism into action. 

2013 The first ‘Stoicon’

Chris Gill wins a ‘follow on’ award of £30,000 to put these ideas on a firmer footing. The group runs the online course in a more worked out way and with a much larger number of participants, carried on the blog and has the first public event (the first Stoicon), for over 200 people, held at Birkbeck College London and organized by John Sellars. This is the first public conference later to be known as the Stoicon. 

Patrick Ussher devises a program Live like Galen for a Week, an online course. This course is later renamed The Stoic Week. It has grown from 100 particpants in 2012 to 8000 in 2018. 

2016 Modern Stoicism website 

The StoicismToday website is renamed ModernStoicism which is the home of Stoic Week and ‘unofficial’ website of modern Stoicism. 

2016 First Stoicon outside the UK 

The first-ever Stoicon outside the UK is organized in New York City, NY, USA. 

2017 Toronto: Largest Stoicon ever 

The first-ever Stoicon in Toronto, Canada, attracts nearly 400 attendees making it the largest Stoicon ever since it was launched. 

2017 Stoic Fellowship launched 

Stoic Fellowship is launched. Stoic Fellowship groups now operare in over 50 cities around the world. 

2019 THE STOIC launched 

The Stoic Gym launches the first online Stoic magazine. Its Advisory Board includes several prominent modern Stoics such as Chris Gill, Donald Robertson, John Sellars, Liz Gloyn, Massimo Pigliucci, and others. 

2019 Stoicism comes home 

Stoicon is held, for the first time, in Athens, Greece, where Stoicism was born.