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From Vol. 2, Issue 11, November 2020

The Stoic Gym - Visit Our New Website

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The Stoic Gym - Visit our new website -

For everything Stoic

Over the past several months, we have been redesigning our website in an effort to make it the single most useful website for Stoic practitioners. While the website does offer articles that relate to Stoic theory, our main emphasis is on practice: What can I do now to lead a better life?

We are not finished with the website yet, but we have progressed quite a bit. You can preview it now. (It will get even better soon!)

Read any article ever published

All the articles ever published in the THE STOIC magazine are on the site. You can read them in pdf or text form. You can print any article that you want to save.

Search any article by author or topic

All articles are in a searchable database. You can search the articles either by topic or by author. Save or bookmark anything that interests you for future refernce.

Read ancient texts in modern English

You can find here the entire Discourses by Epictetus rendered into plain English.

You can also find other ancient Stoic writings.

Read our blog

Our blogs are mostly about how to use the Stoic principles to lead the good life. Most of our blogs are not about esoteric Stoic theories. They are about how you can use the Stoic principles right away to lead a better a life.

Read book reviews

From time to time we review new books on Stoicism. They’re here.

Get free books

You can get free books such as The Good Life Handbook (Epictetus Enchiridion) and A Fortunate Storm (history of ancient Stoicism).

Find a Stoic group

If you want to find a Stoic group that may be around where you live, you will find it on our website.

Find Stoic exercises

Many Stoics use mental exercises to practice Stoicism. We have many such exercises for you here.

Please visit and let’s know whatyou think.