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From Vol. 3, Issue 1, January 2021

Stoicism in Plain English - Ancient Stoic Texts in Modern English

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The complete works of epictetus (5 volumes)

Stoic Foundations (Discourses Book 1)

Stoic Foundations revolves around 10 themes which are also repeated in other places throughout Discourses. These are:

Stoic Choices (Discourses Book 2)

Stoic Choices discusses some of the choices open to us:

Stoic Training (Discourses Book 3)

Stoic Training shows how to train ourselves in Stoic philosophy.

Stoic Freedom (Discourses Book 4)

In Stoic Freedom, Epictetus shows us how to achieve freedom. How to be free irrespective of what happens to us? In these brilliant discourses, Epictetus shows us how to be free and what a free person looks like.

Stoic Inspirations

Stoic Inspirations is the fifth book in the Stoicism in Plain English series and completes the works of Epictetus. It contains Epictetus’ sayings (Fragments) some of which are not found in Discourses, a concise summary of Epictetus' teachings (Enchiridion) by Flavius Arrian, inspirational extracts (Golden Sayings) from Epictetus’ works by Hastings Crossley, and a biography of Epictetus.

The Complete Works of Marcus Aurelius (2 volumes)

Stoic Meditations

Stoic Meditations is the personal journal kept by the beloved Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. It was never meant for publication and yet, after his death, it has become probably the most widely read book on Stoic philosophy. Meditations is a deeply moving personal journal which is uplifting and invigorating.

Aurelius the Unknown

While Meditations is one of the best-read Stoic books, not many of us know about Marcus’ other writings: his personal letters and speeches. For the first time ever Aurelius, the Unknown presents all his letters and speeches in a single volume. This volume also includes a biographic sketch and several anecdotes from his life. A must-read for all fans of Marcus Aurelius.

The complete works of Musonius Rufus (Single Volume)

Stoic lessons

This is the complete works of Musonius Rufus (25-95CE), the man who taught Epictetus. While he was very well-known and respected during his time, he is less widely known now. He was a social activist, a proto-feminist, a vegetarian, and a minimalist. No topic is too small or too big for him. Here are some of the topics covered in this book

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The complete works of seneca (In progress)

Stoic Happiness

“If you want to be happy, don't follow the crowd,” warns Seneca, one of the best exponents of Stoicism.

Seneca was concerned about applying Stoicism to everyday life. How can we make Stoicism work for us, so we can live happily, fearlessly, and peacefully? In this short book addressed to his brother, Seneca addresses the problem of happiness.

Stoic Tranquility

In this gentle book, Seneca explains how to achieve a tranquil life, and advises on how to be peaceful, no matter what happens in life. 


Stoic Atlas

This short volume is an indispensable reference for modern Stoics. It covers the following


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