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From Vol. 3, Issue 2, February 2021

Stoic thoughts for every day of the month

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You are not desolate just because you are alone. Neither are you secure from desolation because you are in a crowd. [Epictetus D3.13]

If the gods have made decisions about me and what should happen to me, then they are good decisions. It is hard to think of the gods making poor decisions. [Marcus Aurelius, M6.44]

No one can be sane if they think what is harmful is the highest good and strive to get it. [Seneca, H6]

We should prepare ourselves to be self-sufficient and be able to live with ourselves. [Epictetus D3.13]

It is natural for human beings to feel stress, if they are doing the work of a human being. How can it be a bad thing if it is in accordance with nature? [Marcus Aurelius, M6.33]

That person is happy whose reason guides all their activities. [Seneca, H6]

Can the government promise us freedom from fever, from shipwreck, from fire, from earthquake, from lightning? No, not even from love. From grief? From envy? No, absolutely not. [Epictetus D3.13]

If you look closely, you will also see that... what is good for one person is also good for their fellow human beings. [Marcus Aurelius, M6.45]

A happy person can make the right judgment in all things: happy with one’s present circumstances...; satisfied and on friendly terms with the conditions of life. [Seneca, H6]

Abstain from every desire at one time to be able to exercise your desires in a reasonable way at a later time. [Epictetus D3.13]

The performances in places of entertainment tire you after a while …. So it is with life. Its ups and downs, causes and effects- everything the same. [Marcus Aurelius 6.46]

No one can live honourably without living cheerfully or live cheerfully without living honourably. [Seneca, H7]

Do you want to help them? Then show them by your own example the kind of person philosophy produces. Stop talking nonsense. [Epictetus D3.13]

There is only one thing that is precious in this life: to live one’s life truthfully and fairly, and be charitable even with those who are untruthful and unfair. [Marcus Aurelius, M6.47]

A right-thinking mind never wavers or hates itself. [Seneca, H7]

We should get rid of two things: conceit and diffidence. [Epictetus D3.14]

If you want to uplift your spirit, think of the qualities of your friends.You may find one person modest, another unassuming, yet another generous and so on. [Marcus Aurelius, M6.48]

All good things come from virtue and, therefore, even the things you value and seek come from its roots. [Seneca, H7]

Do you think you can act the way you do and yet become a philosopher? [Epictetus D3.15]

Do you worry that you weigh what you weigh, and not 300 pounds? So why bother about living so many years only and not more? [Marcus Aurelius, M6.49]

Pleasure is a companion and not a guide of a rightthinking and honourable mind. [Seneca, H8]

If you associate with others on a regular basis – for small talk, for parties, or for friendship — you will necessarily grow up to be like them, unless you get them to be like you. [Epictetus D3.16]

If someone totally obstructs you, go along with them, but use the obstacle to practice some other virtue. [Marcus Aurelius, M6.50]

Let not your confidence be without knowledge and your knowledge without commitment. [Seneca, H8]

Keep well out of the sun, then, as long as your principles are as pliant as wax. [Epictetus D3.16]

If you are a person of understanding, you will try to find your good in your own actions. [Marcus Aurelius, M6.51]

Be balanced and not be defeated by external things. [Seneca, H8]

It is not poverty we should reject, but our judgment regarding it, and then we shall be at peace. [Epictetus D3.17]

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