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From Vol. 3, Issue 2, February 2021

How to be a Stoic When You Don't Know How: Learn the fundamentals of Stoicism in ten short weeks

How to be Stoic When You don't Know How || Editor

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Whether you are new to Stoicism or have been practicing Stoicism for a while, this course is for you. We believe that, to be a Stoic, first you need to have a systematic understanding of Stoicism. Second, even more important, you have to practice it systematically. This course aims to (1) teach the basic principles of Stoicism in simple English with modern examples; and (2) provide systematic exercises so you can practice what you have learned. This course strips Stoicism of its nonessential components and concentrates only on the most important principles that are relevant to our everyday life.


The course is designed to help those who would like to understand and practice the fundamentals of Stoicism, but are hard pressed for time. This unique course put together by The Stoic Gym ia a special 10-week selfstudy training course, carefully designed to teach the essence of Stoicism.

Each week’s lesson starts with a big idea, followed by a discussion of how it works in practice, supported by a Stoic exercise to reinforce it, and a Stoic quote.


The course has ten lessons, one for each week.


Here is what you will learn in ten weeks:

By the time you finish the course, you should have a solid understanding of the foundations of Stoicism. You will know how your judgments create all your problems, how to avoid them by living in accordance with nature, how to use the principle of dichotomy to live effectively, why you need to practice the four virtues—wisdom, justice, moderation, and courage—and how to practice the three disciplines: assent, desire, and action.

You will know how to apply what you have learned to your daily life. And, most importantly, you will learn how to enjoy the festival of life! Because this is a self-study course, you can learn at your own pace. This course was very carefully designed by The Stoic Gym to enable you to learn all the fundamentals quickly and easily.

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