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From Vol. 3, Issue 3, March 2021

Unshakable Freedom - How to Be Free No Matter What

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Achieving unshakable freedom

How can we achieve total personal freedom when we have so many obligations and so many demands on our time? Is personal freedom even possible? Yes, it is possible, said the Stoics and gave us a blueprint for freedom. The teachings were lost but have been rediscovered in recent times and form the basis of modern cognitive therapy.

In his book, Unshakable Freedom, Dr. Chuck Chakrapani outlines the Stoic secrets for achieving total freedom, no matter who you are and what obstacles you face in life. Using modern examples, Chuck explores how anyone can achieve personal freedom by practicing a few mind-training techniques.

The book is built around six big ideas:

Problems are only problems if you believe they are.

Leave your past behind.

Don’t let the indifferents rob your freedom.

Where there is fear, freedom is not.

You can never lose anything because you don’t own anything.

Life is a festival. Enjoy it now.

Contents of this book
  1. Freedom is a choice
  2. What the Stoics knew that we don’t
  3. Be free to enjoy every sandwich
  4. Be free of the past
  5. Be free of the emotional roller coaster
  6. Be free of fear
  7. Be free of future anxieties
  8. Be free to enjoy the festival of life
  9. The Stoic model of freedom
  10. Where did Stoicism come from?
  11. Unshakable freedom: Reality or fantasy?
  12. Freedom and physical fitness
  13. Freedom and mental fitness

Each main chapter of this book concludes with an exercise aimed to reinforce what you have learned and practice it in your daily life.

What others are saying about this book

One of the best books on Stoicism

“This book is probably one of the best introductions to Stoicism that I’ve read. I think it’s very well-written. The philosophy seems crystal clear and the use of examples from various famous philosophers and modern role models makes it engaging and easy to read. I really think Chuck has a way of expressing Stoic ideas that’s very clear and concise. I would definitely recommend that people who are new to the subject start with a book like this...I’m not sure how he managed to cover so much ground so well in so few pages but he did, and I find that very impressive...Chuck’s book is a page-turner that gives you more bang for your buck. Sorry to have wasted your time but it’s probably easier to read than my review to be honest! I know that if I can persuade someone to read this – and they should – then they’ll probably get through it in a few hours, enjoy the whole thing, and come away with an accurate and workable idea of Stoic philosophy. So please do just go and read it.”

Donald Robertson, Author How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

A wonderful book

“If you want to apply [the Stoic principles] right away, it is a wonderful book for that. This will help a lot of people. This is a gateway book.”

Dr. Gregory Sadler, Sadler’s Honest Book Reviews

Choose this book

“Chuck Chakrapani reveals for modern eyes what the ancient Stoics knew: True freedom comes from choosing wisely. Here’s an aligned piece of advice – choose this book.”

Robert Cialdini PhD, Author Influence

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