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From Vol. 3, Issue 4, April 2021

New Book Release: How to Live Like Marcus Aurelius

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What it is

How to Live Like Marcus Aurelius offers a way to lead a life that is worth living: a life that is pleasant, serene, and a life that is not a struggle. No matter how much time we devote to reading Marcus Aurelius, no benefit will come of it unless we practice what he says. But how do we practice it? That’s where the journal comes in.

How it works

For each day of the year, this book has three sections:
THINK (a short, carefully selected quote from Marcus Aurelius),
PRACTICE (a brief suggestion on how to practice the quote), and
WRITE (space for you to write your thoughts and experiences).

How much time does it take

The quotes and practices are so structured as not to demand more than a few minutes of your time every day.

What you can expect

You can have a completely new outlook on life - a life full of confidence, kindness, serenity, and beauty - by practicing the excercises for the next 52 weeks. It is hard to think and practice Marcus Aurelius every day for a year and not be transformed by that experience.

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