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From Vol. 3, Issue 5, May 2021

Seneca (The Complete Works, In Progress)

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Seneca’s On Anger, one of the best books ever written on the subject, is a detailed analysis of anger: what causes it, what price we pay for it, and how we can be totally free from it. In Volume 1 of Stoic Book of Anger, Seneca explores the causes and consequences of anger. What causesanger? Why is anger destructive? Does anger serve any useful purpose? Can we completely get rid of anger?How can we manageanger? In Volume 2, Senecaprovides specific strategies to control and eliminate angerfrom our lives. If you are ever bothered by your anger (or the angerof others) you cannot afford no?t to read this Stoic classic. It provides answersto questions like why we should avoid anger, how to stop anger arising, what examples we should avoid following, what exampleswe should follow, and what strategies we should adopt to be completely anger-free. If you are ever bothered by anger — either yours or others’ — you cannot afford not to read this Stoic classic.


“If you want to be happy, don’t follow the crowd”, warns Seneca, one of the best exponents of Stoicism. Seneca was concer ned about applying Stoicism to everyday life. How can we make Stoicism work for us, so we can live happily, fearlessly,and peacefully?In this short book addressedto his brother, Senecaaddressesthe problem of happiness.What are the basics of happiness? What is the path to happiness? How to use pleasure and not be used by it? Why should we ignore criticism and pursue virtue? How to enjoy wealth that comesour way and not be a slaveto it.


In this gentle book, Senecaexplains how to achievea tranquil life, and adviseson how to be peaceful, no matter what happensin life: Why we are restless? This short book covers a wide range of topics: Being alive until you die, matching your taskswith your ability, being careful in choosing a friend, avoiding excess, handlinglife with skill, foreseeing adversity, being prepared for disappointments, avoiding stubbornnessand indecision, taking a lighter view of things, handling misfortunes and being vigilant.


This short volume is an indispensable referencefor modern Stoics.It coversthe following topics: The Geography of Ancient Stoicism; The Geography of Modern Stoicism; The Timeline of Ancient Stoicism * The Timeline of Modern Stoicism; Stoicism in Words, Pictures, and Numbers; The History of Ancient Stoicism; The History of Modern Stoicism; An Outline of Ancient Stoicism* An Outline of Modern Stoicismwith pictures of Stoic sites (both ancient and modern) and photographs of the Modern Stoic movement; Both the online and the print editions are in full colour, beautifully produced.Get your copy now!