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From Vol. 3, Issue 6, June 2021

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During the Fall-Winter 2020season, two modern Stoics, Tim LeBon and Chuck Chakrapani, exchanged aseriesof letters on modern Stoicism.Which ancient Stoic concepts are still useful? Which ones are not useful? Their letters exploredthe following topics: What arethe cobwebsand gems ofStoicism? What did Stoics think about God andis it still relevant today? Do we have to acceptdeterminism to be a Stoic? Is Stoic physicsreally necessary? Is the universe really benevolent and does it embody wisdom? Is the universe a living thing? This book is an edited and expanded version of those conversations with references added. If you are interested in Stoic philosophy as it appliesto modern life, you may want to read this book.

Tim LeBon is an accredited CBT psychotherapist, counsellor, with a Stoic Life Coaching private practice in London (UK) and one of the founders of Modern Stoicism. Dr. Chuck Chakrapani is the editor of THE STOIC magazine and theauthor of nearly twenty books on Stoicism, including Unshakable Freedom and How to be a Stoic When YouDon’t Know How. Get your free ebook here: https:// books/stoicism-cobwebs-andgems- free.

(A paperbackversion is available from Amazon:


Strange is the story of Stoicism. Three unconnected events– a shipwreck in Piraeus, aplay in Thebes, and the banishment of a rebelin Turkey – connected three unrelated individuals to give birth to a philosophy. It wasto endure two thousand years and offer hopeand comfort to hundreds of thousandsof people along the way. Stoicism had seven formal leadersor “scholarchs,”but much of what weknow of Stoicism todaycomes from four Stoics who lived after the all the scholarchs weregone. This is the story of those eleven people. Many others contributed to Stoicism, but to make this brief and readable, Chuck Chakrapanitells the story of Stoicism through these eleven leading figures of Stoicism. Get your free book here: https://thestoicgym. com/books/a-fortunatestorm- free. A paperback version is available from Amazon:


TheGood Life Handbook is arendering of Epictetus’ Enchiridion in plain English.It is aconcise summary of the teachings of Epictetus,as transcribed and later summarized by his student Flavius Arrian. The Handbook is aguide to the good life. It answers the question, “How can we begood and live free and happy, no matter what else is happening around us?” Ancient Stoics lived in a time of turmoil under difficult conditions. So, the solutions they found to living free was tested under very stringent conditions. For example, Epictetus wasa lame slave who madehimself free andhappylater in life by following the principles set out in this book. Get your free book here: