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From Vol. 4, Issue 1, January 2022

Stoic quotes for every day of the month

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1 - If you happen to find yourself in a crowd, call it the games, a festival, or a celebration. Try to share the festival with the world. After all, what is more pleasing to a lover of humankind than the sight of many people? [Epictetus D4.4]

2 - Nature had the impulse to create an orderly world. Remember this, and you will face many things more calmly. [Marcus Aurelius, M7.75]

3 - It is best to reject straight away the first inducements to anger, to resist it from the very beginning. [Seneca, A1.8]

4 - We take pleasure in seeing herds of cows and horses. We take delight in watching a fleet of ships. Why, then, hate the sight of a group of humans? [Epictetus D4.4]

5 - Forget how you look to others. Be content to live the rest of your life as decided by nature. [Marcus Aurelius, M8.1]

6 - Once anger starts carrying us away, it is hard to get back again into a healthy condition. [Seneca, A1.8]

7 - Who can stop you from using desire and aversion, choice and refusal according to nature? No noise, no shouting is loud enough to do that. [Epictetus D4.4]

8 - Nothing is good unless it helps you to become just, selfdisciplined, courageous, and independent. Nothing is bad, except what does the opposite. [Marcus Aurelius, M8.1]

9 - No, the [anger] must be met as far as away as possible and driven back. Once it enters the city through its gates, it will not allow its prisoners to set bounds to its victory. [Seneca, A1.8]

10 - Do I have to go to Rome? I go to Rome. To Gyara? I go to Gyara. To Athens? I go to Athens. To prison? I go to prison. [Epictetus D4.4]

11 - Soon you will be dead and forgotten. Meanwhile, if what you do is fit for a rational and social being, why worry about anything else? [Marcus Aurelius, M8.2]

12 - Passion and reason, as I said before, don’t have distinct provinces. Rather the mind itself changes for better or for worse. [Seneca, A1.8]

13 - Having a peaceful and undisturbed mind, dependent on only yourself. [Epictetus D4.4]

14 - You may break your heart, but people will continue to do what they do. [Marcus Aurelius, M8.4]

15 - Anger sometimes overthrows and breaks to pieces whatever it meets. Yet more often it causes its own destruction. [Seneca, A1.11]

16 - It is the proper time. Let go of all your dislikes. Why are you like a donkey enduring the burden? [Epictetus D4.4]

17 - The first rule: Be untroubled. Nature controls everything, and soon you will vanish into nothingness. [Marcus Aurelius, M8.5]

18 - Anger has no use. It does not stir the mind to brave actions. [Seneca, A1.9]

19 - There is only one way to be happy. Keep this thought ready for use morning, noon, and night. Give up the desire for things not under your control. Don’t think of anything as your own. [Epictetus D4.4]

20 - Fix your eyes on what you have to do. Remember, you must be a good human being. Do what nature demands of you without hesitation. Speak what is just as you see it, but do so with courtesy, modesty, and sincerity. [Marcus Aurelius, M8.5]

21 - If anger listens to reason and follows its leads, it is no longer anger, because anger is stubborn. [Seneca, A1.9]

22 - Concern yourself with only one thing: what is your own and what is free from restrictions. When you read, read about this. Write about this. Listen about this. [Epictetus D4.4]

23 - Everywhere there is change, yet we need to fear nothing. All things – including the way they are arranged – are familiar to us. [Marcus Aurelius, M8.6]

24 - Passions don’t know how to obey or how to command. [Seneca, A1.9]

25 - You should never praise or blame a man for an action that may be good or bad, but for the reasons for his action – his judgment about it. Judgments are unique to each individual and they are what make one’s action good or bad. [Epictetus D4.4]

26 - A rational nature goes well when there is no acceptance of misleading or false impressions, there is no impulse towards unsocial actions; all desires and rejections are confined to what lies within its power; and there is welcome acceptance of whatever nature demands of us. [Marcus Aurelius, M8.7]

27 - If reason can do nothing without passion, then reason loses its power. [Seneca, A1.10]

28 - Be happy for what you have. Be satisfied with what each moment brings. [Epictetus D4.4]]

29 - What nature demands of us is truly a part of her as a leaf ’s nature is a part of a plant’s. [Marcus Aurelius, M8.7]

30 - What is the use of anger, if we can achieve the same result through the use of reason? [Seneca, A1.11]

31 - If any of these things you studied and learned prove useful to you in your actions, be joyful. [Epictetus D4.4]