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From Vol. 4, Issue 11, November 2022

Stoic quotes for every day of the month

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1 - If you don’t realize that no one is unhappy because of someone else, you are just a dead body and a little blood. [Epictetus D1.9]

2 - Work hard – not feeling like a victim, not for gaining sympathy or admiration, but for just this: what you do or don’t do should be worthy of a rational being. [Marcus Aurelius, M9.12]

3 - Would we not then summon the aid of patience, when such a prize as the unbroken calm of a happy life awaits us? [Seneca, A1.11]

4 - If we pursue self-development as diligently as people after power pursue their schemes, we might get somewhere. [Epictetus D1.10]

5 - Today, I’ve got out of all troubles. Rather, I got them out of me because they were within me, in my opinions. [Marcus Aurelius, M9.13]

6 - How great a blessing is it to escape from anger, that chief of all evils, along with frenzy, ferocity, cruelty, and madness, and whatever accompanies them? [Seneca, A1.11]

7 - Where there is ignorance, there is a need for teaching and learning. [Epictetus D1.11]

8 - Everything is the same, familiar in experience, fleeting in duration, and worthless in content. Everything now is just as it was in the time of those who we buried. [Marcus Aurelius, M9.14]

9 - There is no reason for us to justify a passion like anger. We cannot excuse its excesses by saying that it is useful or unavoidable. [Seneca, A1.13]

10 - Whatever is rational will not conflict with family affection. Because if they were, one would agree with nature while the other would not. The two things cannot be in conflict. [Epictetus D1.11]

11 - Things stand outside of us. They are what they are and nothing more… What judges them, then? Your reasoning mind. [Marcus Aurelius, M9.15]

12 - What vice is without its defenders? Yet this is no reason why you should say that anger cannot be erased. [Seneca, A1.13]

13 - We believe that the way we see things is right. If we saw things differently, we would act differently, in line with what’s right and wrong. [Epictetus D1.11]

14 - The rational and social animals are not made better or worse by what they feel but by how they decide to act. [Marcus Aurelius, M9.16]

15 - The evils from which we suffer are curable. We were born with a natural bias towards good, so nature itself will help us if we try to correct our lives. [Seneca, A1.13]

16 - Death, pain, exile, or anything else external isn’t the cause of our actions. Rather it is our judgments about those things. [Epictetus D1.11]

17 - A stone thrown in the air loses nothing by coming down. Neither did it gain anything by going up. [Marcus Aurelius, M9.17]

18 - The path to virtue is not steep and rough, as some people think. The approach lies on level ground. [Seneca, A1.13]

19 - Results are related to causes. So, from now on, whenever we do anything wrong, we will not blame others; but only our opinions on which we based our actions. [Epictetus D1.11]

20 - Enter the minds of your critics. You will see what kind of people you were afraid of and how they judge themselves. [Marcus Aurelius, M9.18]

21 - The road to happiness is easy. Just make a start with good luck and the excellent help of the gods themselves. It is much harder to do what you are doing. [Seneca, A1.13]

22 - We will try to root out wrong opinions by applying even more care than we do to eradicating tumours and infections from our body. [Epictetus D1.11]

23 - All things are changing. You yourself are continuously transforming. Some parts of you are decaying, and so is the whole universe. [Marcus Aurelius, M9.19]

24 - What is more restful than a peaceful mind, and what more troublesome than an angry one? What is more relaxed than mercy, and what is more taxing than cruelty? [Seneca, A1.13]

25 - The results you get are solely based on the cause – your opinion. You are the master of your opinion. It has nothing to do with others. [Epictetus D1.11]

26 - Leave other people’s wrongdoing where it lies. [Marcus Aurelius, M9.20]

27 - Modesty has free time, while vice is always busy. In short, all virtues are easy to cultivate, while vices are priced high. [Seneca, A1.13]

28 - [From this day forward], you should focus only on examining your judgment. And this cannot be done in a single hour or a single day. [Epictetus D1.8]

29 - Think about your childhood, youth, adulthood, and old age. Every change is a form of death. Was that so terrible? [Marcus Aurelius, M9.21]

30 - We should get rid of anger. Even those who say that we should keep it under control admit this to some extent. Let us get free of it altogether. [Seneca, A1.13]

M: Meditations; D: Discorses A: On Anger