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Having the courage to be yourself

Feature || Brandon Tumblin

It’s an act of strength and courage to be yourself.

Life is a festival - if you know how to look

Feature || Meredith Kunz

Take a moment to look around, and see, from an outside lens, the workings of this festival unfolding all around us.

Seeing life as a festival

Feature || Enda Harte

Internally voicing the word ‘festival’ can help you practise the concept with ease.

Learning to enjoy the festival of life

Feature || Brittany Polat

“Even though the festival may be noisy, it can still be beautiful, fascinating, and just the right place for living a good life.”

Learning to feel the joy

Feature || Seneca

Some only begin to live when it is time for them to quit living. And if this seems surprising to you, let me tell you something that will surprise you even more: Some people quit living long before they begin.

While we know true happiness isn't found inside gift wrapping or at the bottom of a cup of holiday cheer, we should nevertheless take pleasure in everyday joys when we can.

The meaning of life and the meaning in life

Feature || Sharon Lebell

While the meaning of life will no doubt remain enigmatic, the Stoics show us that meaning in life is attainable, but it’s on us to make it.

Metal concert in the festival of life

Feature || Greg Sadler

You can practice Stoicism and also have a good time... For a Stoic, these sorts of things are all matters of rationality and proportion.

Thoughts from a hurricane


“We are not apart from or outside nature: we are within it and subject to its majestic laws.”

Meditating my way to the inner citadel


The ‘mind palace’ and the ‘inner citadel’

Stoic gratitude


“If we take a step back, and see the big picture, we may come to realize that not only the good things, but also the challenges we have endured, are responsible for shaping who we are.”

How should a Stoic prepare for a hurricane?


“We realize with time that there’s more than enough within our control to keep us busy for the rest of our lives.”

Stoic reminders

Feature || GREG SADLER

“If you do desire possessing quotes that you can stock up within your mind, the best, the most reliable, the most intelligent way to do that is. . . don’t focus primarily on quotes."

Dealing with your inner pigdog

Feature || KAREN DUFFY

“Your habits, your attitude, and the decisions you make, make you.”

Freedom from fear

Feature || Editor

“If you decide that your good and advantage lies only in things that are free and unrestricted and completely under your control, you will be free, peaceful, unharmed, high-minded, reverent, thankful.”