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Is there a case for God? Part 2

Feature || KAI WHITING

Ancient Stoics talked a lot about God or gods. But who is this Stoic God? Does the Stoic God even remotely resemble what we mean by God (in a Judaeo-Christian sense)? In this miniseries, Kai Whiting explores these questions.

Chuck Chakrapani, Editor.

Is there a case for God?

Feature || KAI WHITING

Ancient Stoics talked a lot about God or gods. But who is this Stoic God? Does the Stoic God even remotely resemble what we mean by God (in a Judaeo-Christian sense)? In this miniseries, Kai Whiting explores these questions.

Chuck Chakrapani, Editor.

Stoicism can be political

Feature || KAI WHITING

Stoicism is not indifferent

One of the biggest misconceptions about Stoicism is that indifference is the name of the game.

See yourself as a part of the whole

Feature || KAI WHITING

Dear friend, It is unlikely that we will ever meet but I want you to know that, according to Stoicism (the philosophy I follow), I can call you, a complete stranger, my friend. That remains true even if I am dead! Which I might be, especially if you open this bottle two hundred years from now (check the date above)!

On how to look out for our world


Kai Whiting sits down with Will Johncock to discuss the wider implications of Stoic philosophy when applied to matters encompassing both collective and individual well-being. The conversation heralds some interesting insights regarding how we think about the relationships we have with each other and the environment.

The art of fending for ourselves

Feature || KAI WHITING

Apart from the fact that virtue is the only good and vice is the only bad, Stoicism is notoriously sketchy on “self-help” steps and details. We know we are called to be courageous, just, self-controlled, and wise.

A time to turn a crisis into an opportunity

Feature || KAI WHITING

Zeno created Stoicism out of a crisis 

Stoicism is not just useful in times of crisis; it was born out of crisis. It came into being precisely because the Stoic founder Zeno suffered a life-changing crisis when a storm hit his boat and destroyed his cargo in the process. 

Is being political Stoic? Stoic virtues and sustainability

Feature || KAI WHITING

In Stoicon 2018, I made a profoundly political claim when I said that the four virtues of courage, justice, self-control, and wisdom were the very foundation of sustainable development, if by this term we meant:

Stoicism and the pursuit of happiness

Feature || KAI WHITING

There are no shortcuts in Stoicism 

I am sorry to break it to you, but there are no Stoic shortcuts. There are just choices to be made. And the vehicle you buy, the food or drink you choose to put in your mouth, the phone you place in your pocket, and the clothes you wear on your back all express your values. 

Being thankful: The skill of gratitude

Feature || KAI WHITING

The Stoic skill of being grateful arises out of the realization that we are a part of a larger whole which extends to our family, friends, society, and the world. 

Learning to argue a Stoic case on social media

Feature || KAI WHITING

You can’t argue with soundbites 

Social media is a funny place to voice an opinion yet many of us do it. Arguing in soundbites does not tend to solve much. It’s emotional and it’s often highly judgemental. Many people, including those influenced by Stoicism, can be seduced by the power a few characters or a quick status update can give you. Sometimes it is necessary. Many times, it is not. Wisdom lies in knowing when to speak, the reason for speaking, how to speak, and with whom. 

What should be your concern? It’s not all about yourself

Feature || KAI WHITING

All human beings are equal 

In Stoicism a slave is no less human than a freeperson, a woman is not inferior to a man, and there are no intrinsic differences in the humanity of members born to different tribes, nations or tongues, or those who are educated and those who are not. 

What American Football fans tell us about the Dichotomy of Control

Feature || KAI WHITING

In last month’s issue of the Stoic Gym, I used sport to explain that whilst the Stoic dichotomy of control emphasizes that we cannot control the thoughts and actions of others, it is not an excuse for inaction. 

Beyond consumption: Becoming sustainable

Feature || KAI WHITING

The Virtue of Becoming a Sustainable Stoic

Almost a year has gone by since I connected sustainability to the Stoic virtues of courage, justice, self-control and wisdom in my plenary talk at Stoicon8 2018. Since then, many of you have asked me for practical examples regarding the most effective ways to be a sustainable Stoic. Here are a few tips: