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Vol. 5, Issue 5, May 2023

Stoic every day

Stoic Virtues ||

Stoic quotes for every day of the month

Why you should stop complaining

Practicing Stoicism || BRANDON TUMBLIN

How to live with yourself

Stoic Learning || SENECA

If you can’t become a Stoic sage, why should you even try?

Stoic In Action || MEREDITH KUNZ

The lore of the Stoic sage

The lore surrounding the “Stoic sage” runs deep in ancient Stoic texts.

How does a Stoic get to Carnegie Hall?

Stoic Learning || TANNER CAMPBELL

In life you can sometimes feel stuck. What came before is done. It seems like there’s nothing ahead of you. Or perhaps you have a goal or dream but you don’t see how to get there from where you are; your progress is halted.

On being grateful

Stoic Virtues || Chuck Chakrapani

Seen on the street

Yesterday, I received an email from my friend who had earlier challenged me on the need to have a magazine like THE STOIC.