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Practicing Stoicism

Stoicon-x Women

Practicing Stoicism || Editor

June 5, 2021

Emotional first-aid—help when you need it

Practicing Stoicism || JONAS SALZGEBER

The Stoics often summarized their main principles in succinct statements such as 

Live with aretê.
(Always try to express your best self.) 

Relax. Things change all the time

Practicing Stoicism || JONAS SALZGEBER

Change is a universal law of nature. 

Scratches happen in training

Practicing Stoicism || JONAS SALZGEBER

The Stoics shared dozens of practical ideas to put their philosophy into action. The following is one of my favorites – I try to keep it ready at mind whenever possible. 

What does a regular, everyday Stoic actually do, every day? Rather than write a theoretical essay on this, I figured it may be helpful to take a closer look at one example of Stoic practice, my own.

The Two Handles exercise

Practicing Stoicism || Editor

The Two Handles is a very effective technique to use when we are in the grip of our emotions and fail to see that we always have options.